GrindTec also revamps and re-commissions valves that have been dismantled from plants; even valves that are obsolete. We recondition valves and provide all the material and component quality controls, according to the Customer’s needs and specifications. These operations are available for all valves in the dimensions and ratings shown in the item “history of GrindTec”


The company has all the basic machinery necessary, such as parallel lathes for adaptations and angle grinder, vertical lathes for machining cast and forged blanks, numerically controlled lathes and milling cutters to perform subcontract machining work and to supply new components.


GrindTec produces components that are not available on the market and are part of a bill of materials in the materials and sizes requested by our customers and that are within our capability. All our components are EN10204 3.1 and 3.2 certified.


The preparation work for valve assembly is carried out according to a bill of materials provided by the customer or parts made in-house, and the greatest added value is the machining of valve seats, plungers and other sealing parts using dedicated equipment such as lapping and grinding machines, while the linkage is tightened using dedicated dynamometric wrenches and hydraulic equipment at preset torque values. Pneumatic and hydraulic tests are performed on test benches equipped with high-pressure pumps, according to the API 598 standard.

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